The Copper Crow Blues Band keeps the dance floor packed and the bartenders busy! This band draws on tunes from the sixties through seventies when Blues Revival was in full swing.

They have a style that's all their own, infusing Chicago Blues, Classic Rock, and Texas Blues with an energy that is infectious. Their Contemporary Blues style remains true to the essence of classic blues and the way it was enjoyed in the juke joints around the country back in the day.

Combining Martin Shaw's lead vocals with the fantastic rhythm of Peter Bryant on drums and Mike Ellerbeck on bass, Oliver Krajci on lead guitar, Barry Warne on keyboard/piano and Robb Douglas on blues harmonica, the band generates on-stage energy with music that will satisfy those who love to dance as well as those who just love to listen to the blues.

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We just recently went out and scouted the Copper Crow Blues Band. What that means is we went to make sure they sounded great! And they did, so their concerts and events in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley will now be put on our Event Listings on our website.

Check these guys out -- you won't be disappointed!

Vancouver Blues Around Town

Fantastic performance last night at the Fairview Pub in Vancouver. I was thoroughly impressed by a band that was totally in the groove. Hope to see them again soon. These guys were totally enjoying themselves and so was the crowd, dancing and cheering all the way.

Jerry Thompson


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